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Extension of Visa

1.On Arrival Visa

Visitors who entered the Kingdom with On Arrival Visa do not receive visa extension, except in special cases such as illness which prevents them from travelling, etc. Such persons in this category who wish to submit an application may do so at section 5 (other types of extension), Sub-division 2, Immigration Division 1, Room 205, 2nd Floor of the Front Building, Immigration Bureau, Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120. Tel. 287-3127 or 287-3101-10 Ext. 2264-5.

The Documents required are the same as application of extension for Tourist Visa.

2. Tourist Visa
Initial place to contact:

Firstly, visitors have to apply for this category of visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in abroad before their entry into the Kingdom.

Duration of the first permit:

Upon entering the country, visitors who have this category of visa will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for 60 days.

Duration of extension:

In case visitors wish to continue touring the country, and extension can be applied for and once it’s granted, an extension will be up to 30 days or in extenuating circumstances up to a one year extension.

3. Non – Immigrant Visa

Foreigner who entered the Kingdom by holding of a Non – Immigrant visa, may apply for extension of their visa when they permission of stay is terminated. In applying for extension of this category of visa requires relevant document varied by purpose of stay.

3.1 For Business purpose

Regulations ;

1. Such Business must be beneficiary to the Country.

2. Registration fund must be at least Baht 2 Million while operating fund must be at least Baht 1 Million.

3. The ratio between Thai and foreign employee must be at least 4 : 1

The applicant must earn at least in accordance with the level specified for each nationality.

Duration of Extension

- One year at a time.

Document Required

1. Application form (T.M. 7 )

2. Passport or document used in lien of passport and its copies .

3. The applicant’s 4 x 6 cm. photograph .

4. Extension fee Baht 1,900.-

5. The company’s letter certifying as follows ;

- Nature of business
- Reason or necessity in employing the applicant his / her position, salary and education background.
- Number of Thai and foreign employees.

6. Copies of work permit or receipt of work permit application.

7. Company’s annual balance sheets.

8. The juristic person’s Annual Income Tax Declaration Form (Form No.50) of the latest year and its receipt of payment.

9. Thai employees Monthly Income Tax Declaration Form (Form No.1 ) of the latest month and its receipt of payment.

10. The applicant’s Annual Income Tax Declaration Form (Form No.91) of the latest year and its receipt of payment.

11. The official letter that certify the registration of such juristic person.
12. Business Registration or Business License.
13. Value Added Tax Registration and list of share holders.
14. A map that indicate location of the Company.
15. For those who operate export business, the documentary evidence clarifying its export activities is needed.

16. For those who operate tourism business, the documentary evidence clarifying its total number of tourist that brought in by the company is needed.

N.B. In case of necessity , documents No.7 , 8 , 9 , and 10 can be substituted by the company’s letter stating its reason.

Duration of processing
40 days.


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